“Should I have already done a jump before I try to do Bungy Jumping?”
-The only thing it needs is to have dived headlong into the sea or a swimming pool.

“Has ever happened an accident at the Isthmus?”
-Over the last 12 years of running of Bungy Jumping at the Isthmus of Corinth, as well as the total of years in which the team conducts jumps- in 1996 it started to accomplish jumps using a crane in different spots in Cyklades and Athens- has never happened any accident since the primary aim of our business and our personnel is your supreme safety.

“Does it need to wear special equipment or specific clothes?”
-The only thing that it is needed is to get equipped with fun, determination and good mood to try something that will make you feel free again, like a child! No special equipment is required. You just have to wear your every day clothes, as long as you feel comfortable enough to make the jump.

“Can two people jump together?”

-We don’t serve tandem jumps

“Do i have to call for a reservation?”
Under 5 person no reservation or call needed