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“A magic world”

The feeling of happiness through the absolute meaning of freedom. The power of the ability to “fly” everywhere. The internal need of generously sharing smiles to people so as to make their world more beautiful.

This is close to how I felt the first time that I tried  to make my first jump, around  1996, and by this way a magic world appeared in front of me, and the only thing  I wanted was to present this world to other people so as to experience what I had experienced to see that it really exists.

Since when we traveled as a team in different spots, setting up places to accomplish the jumps. -1996/2002 Athens Cyclades we resulted to the unique spot that could “accommodate” with respect “our magic world exactly as we had dreamt of, from the beginning. So, we are located at the Isthmus since 2002 and we welcome whoever wants to feel free, whoever wants to make a jump that will make him live an one of a kind experience. Because finally all of us hide a child’s memory /of the “little hero” that “wore his cape” and flied care freely on the sky.



Some words about the idea

The spot that we chose to set up our facilities is one of the most magnificent works in the world. The Isthmus is the main strategic point of the Greek area and one of the most important works in East Mediterranean. Its tunneling has been a significant issue since the ancient times  as the creation of the canal would solve a lot of problems and would facilitate the navigation and the trade.

Under the bridge of the Isthmus of Corinth, we tried to connect and provide by the best way the values which we want our business to bring as well as the “wrapper” of the experience that we offer. Our wish is every visitor jumper to feel the groove after every jump. Strong and free to express with strength his wills like a “warrior” and to live the whole experience through a place where its philosophy emits optimism, mood for fun and joy. Finally since it is the nature that anyway allows a human being to live unique experiences, the place that will “host you” for your jump, is as “impressively magnificent as its history since it is one the most important and ancient works.


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